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In our contemporary world, the meaning of life is all too often replaced by a technical and economic myth of progress at all cost. This “myth” is destroying our world, meaning the very Earth whose existence we share.

We have lost an enormous amount of wisdom, of knowing – about interconnected life and death of all species, in deed all existence.

However amongst some people and especially indigenous people – that wisdom is still being preserved, respected and used. There is no doubt in the mind of many that regaining some measure of that wisdom, on all levels of life – and not just human life, is adamant to “all our survival”; including the earth itself with all Her beautiful, diverse inhabitants (the two legged, four legged, winged ones, crawling ones, the plants, mountains, rivers, seas, skies). With this awareness, spirituality gains a new (or regains its old) meaning.

Throughout the ages, female elders – let’s call them “Grandmothers” were keepers of this all embracing wisdom and its spiritual dimension.

Now as ever, mothers are/were busy providing for daily life in one way or another. However the elders had experience and time to gather and share wisdom of all kinds; thus they were taking charge of the continuity – including the new generations and their spiritual, ethical and educational needs.

They took care of “the meaning of life”, thus protecting and healing life, bringing balance and harmony. This is still so in many hidden corners of the globe.

The “Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers” is an expanded global version of this. However, sadly, within Europe we lost (due to our history) any apparent sense of this. As a consequence much of the younger generations are lost and seek meaning in alcohol, drugs, violence etc. and are easy prey for the manipulation into materialism – marketed as “Progress” with the effect of drowning in “soul-less technology” and a “ruthless consumerism” of destruction.

One day, in the mountains behind Merano (South Tyrolean Alps) the idea was born amongst a group of women, to create a simile to the ‘Indigenous Grandmothers‘ for Europe. A Council dedicated to gather, revive and share ancient and modern ways of ‘knowing’ a deeper meaning, a deeper connection to life for the benefit Of ALL – yet primarily for the next generations! So as to live in awareness and beauty with each other, nature, earth and all that live on her.

This is a huge Job of turning around of mental attitudes and habits of thinking, of patterns of expectations and indoctrinations…much beyond any individual being’s capacity; hence a Council is needed to guide with wisdom and compassion – from all corners of Europe (but of course not in isolation, but with awareness of the interconnectedness of ALL).

Not an organisation, that repeats the mistakes of all institutions… but an organism, which leads into a “New Harmony”, a “New forward”. Not a circle of “chosen ones”, but an organism that stays alive, is open and responsive to the spiritual, human and ethical needs; whatever is required in individual situations. Life itself is permanent change within the ONE existence, within the sacred universe




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